Film Projects

Film Fundraiser

Last night we enjoyed a night full of interesting conversations with really nice people at a fundraiser for the film Jump Start.

Jump Start is a short film written by Carleen Kyle, introducing actress Jazmine Campanale and produced by Tijana Popovic.

Vita Bella: The Dogumentary


Vita, a camera-phobic dog, takes her flighty but loving owner, Junie , and a pet psychologist with hidden talents, Dr. Marsha Mayright, on an often hilarious journey exploring the many possible reasons for Vita’s fear. Along the way, they uncover a thwarted pet assassin, explore the world of makeovers and self-esteem, deal with a fame-hungry ‘pup-arazzo’ and encounter a ‘bow-wowist’ who believes Vita is the reincarnation of his sect’s Lama. These adventures, which strike a balance between wacky and sublime, include a slapstick search for a lost Vita, a bicycle chase, dog park mayhem and a frazzled squirrel. Eventually, through all this, Dr. Marsha and Junie realize their individual gifts and so find their way to living a “vita bella.”

Director: Alison Parker
Producer: Pam Bentley
Writters: Pam Bentley,  Terry McDermott
Cast: Deb Sears, Meeshelle Neal, Kasey Ryne Mazak, Greg Schoen, Kelly Dunlap

What If He Was Always Like That…?

Director: Emily Chan
Producer: Sarah Arnold
Cast: Dennis Tokarsky, Sarah Arnold, Levi Hildebrand, Damon Jang, Michael Arnold, Esther Cohen, Laura Hop, Deb Sears

Watch the trailer!


Director: Wesley Houston
Cast: Rami Farhan, Greg Delmage, Dominika Zybko, Mary Goswell